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Traveling is only for the rich

Tuesday, Feb 11, 2020

Why we travel?

We all want to travel as much as possible. Visiting other countries, other cultures, enriches our own lives so much that little else can compare. Having that experience makes us better humans.

But first you have to get there.

Not all of us can afford to just jump on a plane whenever we feel like it and go to some remote place (and post on Instagram of course!). Being impulsive is quick, it does not take a lot of time to make an impulsive decision but, like with everything in life, there is a trade of, it costs a lot of money.

What you are actually doing there is trading time and convenience for money. There is nothing wrong with that. That is one of main reasons why having money is not such a bad thing. Being able to pay to save time and effort maybe the smartest way to use it.

I can’t afford to be impulsive, what do I do now?

What do people do when they do not have money? They replace it with time and effort.

Next weekend is not a good time for you?
Don’t fly now, fly in a couple of months. It doesn’t matter when, it matters where.

The tickets are too expensive?
Fly with low cost companies that save on luxury and convenient flight times but make it up with awesome prices.

No time to go through multiple clunky websites to find the cheapest deals?
Use a service for that!

Getting there by being smart

There are multiple ways to find cheap flights and awesome deals but we all agree it is time consuming and takes a lot of acquired skill.

There are Facebook groups and mailing lists that can help you with that. And don’t get me wrong I love that they are there. They helped and continue to help a lot of people. But they come with limitations.

  • They always seem to find flights to places not on your list of “want-to-see” destinations
  • They never seem to be from your airport, and who want’s to travel for hundreds of kilometers just to save a couple of euros
  • The deals are rare
  • you have no control over what kind of deals the service offers you

That is where Tripscovery jumps in.

My wife and I love to travel. And we have a list, too ;) We are busy people and long stay from “Tuesday to Tuesday” are not going to cut it for us.

So I built Tripscovery to solve this for us.

With Tripscovery we get to:

  • choose which cities we want to visit
  • set a limit to how much we want to pay
  • choose when we want to fly (tripscovery looks further in the future for us)
  • not have to lift a finger to know the current ticket prices and if we should buy them

With Tripscovery our friends and us already traveled “half of Europe” (and we still have a lot of places left to visit!) and I hope that we can help you do that as well.

So if you want to travel smart click the button bellow and make your life richer and easier!

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