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Life is busy and messy and when you need time off the last thing you want is to go trough multiple clunky websites searching for somewhere to go.

Tripscovery will make your flight search easy by doing it for you. Just continue living your life as normal and let Tripscovery find the cheapest flights for you.

No more tedious searching. No more comparing prices on multiple websites. Save money and time by letting us find the best flight deals for you.

How does it work?

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Every week your personalized email will arrive with best offers for cheap weekend flights in Europe. But we collect more than that, you can see our top 5 picks for every city configured in your account. You can always update your list with new cities or change the time when the email arrives.

Tripscovery weekly email on mobile

This is how the email will look like when you open it on your phone

"Tripscovery found for us an awesome flight to Lisbon. I did not have to do anything, the offer was just there, in my inbox."



Frankfurt 👉 Lisbon · 29.98€

"Rome was not built in a day, but two days was all I could fit in my busy schedule. 34 euros to eat the best Gelato in the world? Yes, please!"



Frankfurt 👉 Rome · 33.98€

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"We built Tripscovery to scratch our own itch. We are two software engineers who enjoy short trips over weekends. But we hate searching for flights and, frankly, it is just not fun :-)

There was nothing that would search for the trips for us so, of course, we built it.

Tripscovery is a huge time-saver for us, and we hope it will do for you what it does for us."

Marko and Miloš · Creators of Tripscovery


Which destinations do you support?

Currently we are focusing on Europe so the most value out of Tripscovery you will get if you fly from Europe. As we are based in Germany that is where our initial focus is.

How do you earn money?

Right now we don't, we built Tripscovery for ourselves and are now trying to see if other people like you would benefit from it. Our plan is to earn money from affiliating with airlines and flight providers. This will force us to offer the best service possible as our earnings will directly depend on how useful our service is.

Are tickets more expensive through your service?

No. The ticket price is exactly the same as it is on airline websites, we do not charge you for our services.

Are you selling the tickets?

No. You buy tickets directly from the airline websites and not through Tripscovery. We just give you the latest flight information, you have to do the rest. When you click a "Buy" link in our emails or on our website you will be taken to the airline website with flights preselected.

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